Dec 01, 1998 ยท The volume of a swallow by individuals of all ages is a function of body mass. The volume of a swallow is 0.21 ml/kg, or roughly 1 tsp for a 2 year old. 12. Pediatric Fatalities. There are particular medications and substances that place children at risk for fatality.. And pennies issued after 1982 contain corrosive zinc that can damage the esophagus. If your child has swallowed either of these, take them to the ER immediately. Now, the good news. If your little penny popper is acting fine, they'll probably be fine. "Eighty to 90 percent of the time, coins pass unobstructed," says Dr. Kettlehake. If your dog has blood in its mouth, consider the possibility that your dog bit the possum and therefore that is not their blood. For no reason, you should touch the possum or your dog without gloves in this situation. The wounds should be taken care of immediately to avoid infections. You can wash them with warm water or hydrogen peroxide, then. "/>What happens if a child swallowed a nail